Ramsey’s mortgage advice

Dave Ramsey is a radio host that I’ve begun to listen to. His show is on all over the place and, here in KC, it’s on for three hours a day, from 11:00 – 2:00. I can’t listen to him live, so I download his PodCast, which is currently among the most-dowloaded PodCasts in the Business section of the iTunes Store [iTunes Store Link].

In a recent show, Dave spoke to a caller who had inherited some cash and wanted to know if he should invest it (conventional wisdom) or use it to eliminate the mortgage on his house. Many people advise consumers to retain a mortgage, since it is “good debt” and provides, among other things, a tax deduction. Unsurprisingly, Dave disagrees.

Give a listen; it’s worth the 8 minutes and 9 seconds. Here is the call:

[Click for MP3](http://blog.dimbert.net/audio/ramsey.mp3) (6.5 MB, 8:09)