Work and kids

A friend of mine blogged the following recently:

Arrived at work: 7:20am. Left work: 7:42pm. That’s 12 hours and 22 minutes. Must be some sort of record, even for me. (Sidenote to SD: how the heck do people with kids stay in this profession?)

I’m assuming that I’m the SD in the sidenote. 🙂 Presumptuous, I suppose, but what the heck. As the three regular readers of this blog know, I keep late hours at school. Crazy late. I get to school before 7:30 every day and often don’t leave until after 10:00. I stay that late to work on school stuff, theater stuff, newspaper stuff, etc.

How do I manage it and my kids? Easy. I don’t; Judi does. I’ve had friends’ wives tell me that they wish they could marry a woman like Judi. She handles the kids on her own most evenings and even lets me get away from time to time to do the waste-of-time playing I need to do to stay sane.

Any moderate success I have in my life is due entirely to the fact that Judi is a majority shareholder in my life. Having a Helpmeet is awesome. (Thanks, babe!)

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