The new Mac

So, in case you didn’t know it, I’m a Mac guy.

A little while ago, Apple announced the new [Mac Pro](, their newest deskop and last machine to transition to the Intel processors. It’s a powerhouse, monster, hella fast computer, the kind of machine you might use to make movies on. I believe that its predecessor, the PowerMac, is the machine that Peter Jackson used to make the Lord of the Rings trillogy.

MacProLet me say this up front: I don’t need one.

That being said, I would really like to have one. To save you the trouble of shopping, I’ve gone ahead and filled out the online store’s order form; as you can see here, I’ve tricked out the computer and filled it with the options I would like. The total comes to a hair over eighteen thousand dollars.

For that, you will get me:

* the fastest processors Apple ships: two dual-core 3GHz processors
* 16 GB of RAM
* a total of two terrabytes (that’s equivalent to 20,000 floppy disks)
* a stupid-powerful graphics card, which I will need to power my two 20-inch Cinema Displays
* two SuperDrives so I can burn two DVDs at the same time
* Bluetooth and wi-fi
* A Fibre Channel Card, which would allow me to connect my computer to a RAID (if I ever bought one… maybe next year?)
* a modem (just in case I take my $18,000 desktop on the road and the hotel doesn’t have broadband)
* a wireless keyboard and mouse
* a bunch of software I don’t really need
* the AppleCare extended warranty

Or, if that seems like two much, you could just buy me a MacBook for about $1,500. OK?