Me and the great glass elevator

AppleStore_outsideStop number two on the geek tour of the East coast’s Apple Stores was the biggie, Nerdvana, Geekstock… the 5th Avenue Apple Store.

Here I am. That’s me on the right (with the toothpick in my mouth) and that’s the elevator on the left (the thing I’m pointing to). And, yes, I’m wearing the same shirt I wore to the Garden State store.

Me at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store

Garden State Mall

What’s a geek on vacation to do?

Well, one thing he can do is start a meaningless tour of Apple’s retail store locations. Here is shot #1 of me at the [Apple store]( in the Garden State Mall in New Jersey. Assuming everything goes according to plan, the next shot in this set will come during my visit to the 5th Avenue store in Manhattan.