Getting back on the horse

A former colleague of mine keeps a blog and her dedication to keeping up with it used to depress me when I considered my own lack of regular updates. But, she’s the kind of person who would tell me that I’m being silly. So, instead of being depressed by my lack or productivity, I’ve decided to be inspired by her evidence of it. Long story short: I’m going to try to update the blog more often.

I’m getting settled in in my new school, getting used to the kids, the culture, the city and the weather. It rains in Florida. Every. Day. Whenever I ask a local when that’s going to stop, they just laugh at me. That’s never a good sign.

The school here is much bigger than my last one, which impacts my life in lots of different ways. Back in Kansas, I knew the name of every student in the Middle and Upper Schools… here, I’m not going to know the names of every member of the faculty!

I should be working now, but the blog gave me an opportunity to try out the PCs here in the fancy-shmancy teachers’ lounge. It’s nice, and they work fine. Plus, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that my WordPress installation works great from behind the firewall. So, life is good.

More later – I promise, MT!

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