Today is ten full days past Judi’s due date.

Let me be clear: we’re not worried. She’s doing fine and the doctor is sure that the baby is OK. They keep checking and things are moving slowly, that’s all.

The only bad part of the experience is how people keep asking dumb questions like, “You still pregnant?” when Judi walks into a room. 🙂 We’re pretty resigned to the fact that the baby isn’t going to come out on its own, so it’s become an issue of picking a time and place for the inducement. It’s weird chosing what you kid’s birthday will be. We would rather wait for the surprise, but ten days is a long time to be living on pins and needles.

Judi’s a trooper, though. She’s been in good spirits throughout and she is still positive about the experience… despite being almost ten months pregnant. I think I’ll make her a sign to wear around her neck: “STILL PREGNANT.”

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