Father to son

Father to sonThis one is for prosperity.

Listen up, Gedaliah: I’ve realized over the last two months that you’re suffering the fate of all babies-in-the-family. You’re ignored quite a bit. You see, your mother and I don’t mean anything by it, we’re just caught up in the demands of daily life: soothing boo-boos, making dinner, folding laundry, getting to work on time, etc. Your brother and sisters aren’t *more important* than you are, they’re just more difficult to ignore.

That’s why you spend so much time on your own.

I came downstairs earlier this week to find you, by yourself, on your [Gymini](http://store.babycenter.com/product/toys/by_type/arches_and_gyms/2205) in the living room. There was nobody else in the room and you were just lying there, playing happily. Of course, sometimes, you sit and scream for a while until we come and pick you up – again, not because we like hearing you scream, but because, despite your temporary discomfort, we know that you’re safe and sound, so we can take care of some other crisis before we come to comfort you.

Now, I know that, once you’re old enough to talk, you’re going to learn quickly to speak up for yourself. When you’re one of four kids, that’s a talent you are forced to learn, so I’m not worried… you’ll be an effective self-advocate in no time. 🙂

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