Cheap beer

Over at his fatherhood blog, DaddyDaze, Dave posted some father-to-son advice called, [Don’t buy crappy beer]( He says:

>Life is way too short to drink that swill. Seriously. You’re going to be tempted, but trust me, you don’t have to drink that junk. How do you know you’re drinking crappy beer? If you’re spending $5 on a 12 pack, or if you have an opinion on the “King of Beers vs. Silver Bullet” debate, you’re drinking bad beer.

I laughed, but here’s the thing: during the whole Passover clean-up process, I discovered that we had a lot of beer in our fridge. I don’t generally drink a lot of beer, but the guys bring it over on Poker Night and when there is left-over, I just toss it into the garage fridge. And, during the clean up, there it was.

You know what I discovered while engaged in a bottle-by-bottle observance of the ritual Passover Cleaning? I *like* cheap beer. Really, I do. I had a fridgeful of Coors Light and Bud Light and I drank it, and liked it. Yessir.

I used to be more snooty. I didn’t drink beer that often, but, when I did, I drank Guiness, Sam Adams, Pete’s Wicked Ale or Boulevard (our local KC micro-brand). But, I’ve come to realize that beer is really a comfort food. Like potato chips or soda, beer is an experience in which I’m not trying to find the best beer I ever drank… rather I’m looking for the *same beer I always drank.*

I mean, Coke makes lots of [wierd flavors](, but when I want a Coke, I want *a Coke,* and not a diet-caffiene-free-black-cherry-vanilla-Coke-with-lime. Right?

And when I want a beer, I don’t want to have to think about it. Just give me a Bud Light and move on to the next guy. I’ll be fine.

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