My ordination

Funny Story: Our friend, Ephy, got a job a couple of years ago as the Alumni Coordinator for the Yeshiva I went to in Israel. One of the first things he did was clean up the alumni database by putting a form online and asking alumni to check their contact information. So, I did.

MazelTovRabbiWhile filling out the form, I tabbed into the “title” field and it auto-filled with “Rabbi” (which I am not). I thought Ephy would get a kick out of it, so I left it there. That night, my phone rang. I answered it, and it was Ephy, who began the conversation with, “‘Rabbi,’ my ass!”

But, Ephy has an unusual sense of humor… so he left it. And the result is that my mother has the envelope from my invitation to the Annual Dinner hanging on her refrigerator and things like the image you see here get posted on the web site from time to time.

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